Thursday Night Football Week 3: NYJ vs Cleveland Browns

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   Kicking off week 3 will be the Cleveland Browns hosting the New York Jets. If you do not have NFL Network you are out of luck. But starting next week you will be able to watch Thursday Night Football on your local Fox channel and Amazon Prime.

As far as the game, the 1-1 Jets will be playing the 0-1-1 Browns. If the Browns are able to snag a victory tonight, they will have won one, lost one, and tied a game to start their season.

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   This game will put the Jet’s rookie QB against the Browns, two teams in building mode. For the Browns, their future (#1 pick Baker Mayfield) will be sitting watching the Jets’ future (#3 pick Sam Darnold) make his 3rd career start.

I want to take the Browns so they can go 1-1-1, but that reason alone is partly why I see it going in favor of the Jets. Both teams are playing hard and showing a lot of potential. A win for either team can help with building confidence going forward.

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